Species Controlled


Alpha Pest Animal Solutions uses cage or snap traps, rodenticides and bait stations to control rodents.


feral catFeral Cats

Feral cats are an apex predator; having a devastating effect on our native wildlife, the environment and carry several types of zoonosis diseases that transmit to humans.

Predating on native animals and birds, feral cats will target animals up to 50% of their own body weight and size.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions has a wealth of experience to deal with any problems you may be experiencing with this predatory animal.



Foxes are directly responsible for the extinction of 10 native species in Western Australia and the significant decline of several others including: Greater Bilby, Numbats and bettongs.

Primary producers lose millions of dollars each year from foxes impacting on livestock.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers a full integrated approach to the control of this devastating menace.



Rabbits cause approximately 600 million dollars in lost production and damage to the environment in Australia each year.

They are truly an invasive species, impacting on a large scale in most areas.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers to our clients the most comprehensive range of control methods to tackle any situation we are faced with, this includes: Poisoning, warren destruction, fumigation, shooting and biological control to achieve the best results.


feral pigFeral Pigs

Feral pigs are a huge problem in Western Australia, impacting on primary producing land, reserves and native flora and fauna. Feral pigs are wide spread, destructive and carry diseases such as hydatid disease.

With 35 years’ experience in feral pig control Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers our clients every control measure available to solve the problems they are experiencing.


Wild Dogs

The number of problem wild dogs and their dispersal area is increasing in Western Australia each year.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers an integrated and targeted approach to tackle wild dogs and the associated problems they cause.


Kangaroo Management

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions conducts Kangaroo management for mining, government agency, councils and primary producers in Western Australia. We have three professional marksmen carrying out this work on a commercial basis.



Camels, Donkeys and Feral Goats

Feral herbivores such as Camels, Donkeys and goats are a real problem in WA. While increasing in number each year they cover vast areas from pastoral to semi-arid and desert country. They are decimating fragile eco systems all throughout the state.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions has the equipment, ability and trained staff to deal with any problems they may present to our clients.


Other Pest Animals

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions has the staff and expertise to deal with any pest animal problems that may arise, feral, invasive or escaped livestock we can solve the problem.


Reports to Clients

At the completion of a control program Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers a detailed report outlining results and any recommendations.