Services and Solutions

Our range of solutions and services include: Consulting, Specialised trapping, Professional shooting, Field Surveys, Poisoning, Fumigation, Biological rabbit control, warren destruction and the development of integrated pest management programs for all pest animals to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Gavern is available to carry out accuracy testing (use of firearms) of candidates training to become professional Kangaroo Shooters on behalf of the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The pest animals we provide control options for include: Rodents, rabbits, foxes, feral cats, pigeons, feral pigs, feral goats, deer, wild dogs/dingoes, camels, donkeys, euthanizing injured livestock, Kangaroo management and other pest animals.


Native Animals

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions are licensed to trap and relocate native animals under Department of Parks & Wildlife Regulation 15 license.

Trapping and relocation of native animals may occur for various reasons including: Removal from domestic dwellings, land clearing or from an area where their safety may be compromised.



Our technicians are licensed with the Heath Department of WA to use restricted S7 Poisons including: All (1080) Sodium fluroacetate products, Strychnine, alphachloralose, Aluminium phosphide, Pindone (concentrate) and RHDV (rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus).

All 1080 products are applied in accordance with the code of practice on the safe use and management of 1080.

All strychnine is applied in accordance with the code of practice on the safe use and management of strychnine.



Alpha Pest Animal Solutions are experts in the field of specialised trapping. We use the latest technology in trapping equipment and humane techniques coupled with years of experience to continually improve our service. We enjoy the input from our colleagues and suppliers in the US and Canada to make informed decisions on equipment that will most suit our target species and conditions in Western Australia.

Using new techniques in trap preparation, Alpha Pest Animal Solutions has eliminated trap detection in the field by foxes and wild dogs, dramatically improving capture rates and the efficiency of trapping programs.


Use of Firearms

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions holds a Western Australian Corporate firearms licence and all of the appropriate calibres needed to deal with any situation that arises.

We have three specialists, licensed, trained and ready to deal with any scenario that requires the use of firearms.

From removing problem birds out of a roof space to large scale culling in the field, we have the problem covered.


Field Surveys

Field surveys are carried out by staff that are skilled in tracking to confirm the presence and abundance of pest animals.

The information from the survey assists in the development and implementation of integrated programs to control any pest species.



Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers a professional consulting service to all our clients. We can identify any problems with pest animals and provide advice on the most appropriate methods of control.