Western Australia is one of the most unique and bio diverse regions in the world. Of all the states’ plants, marsupials and marine species more than half are found nowhere else on the planet.

Our native flora and fauna is the most precious asset we have in Australia and cannot sustain the pressure placed upon them by feral invasive species. It is incumbent upon us to protect our native species now and into the future.

All of the problems associated with invasive animals in Australia are man-made and pose serious problems to our environment and the country’s economy. The abundance and dispersal of invasive pests such as rabbits, foxes, feral cats, feral pigs and wild dogs is increasing in Australia each year.

Alpha Pest Animal Solutions offers a fully integrated and environmentally sustainable approach to vertebrate pest management. Using up to date technology and the latest equipment available, we can develop and implement the very best programs to humanely manage all vertebrate pest species.